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2015 Red Centre

The 2015 Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre Registrations have opened! Black Dog Riders in every state and territory depart in August 2015 to ride throughout regional Australia, raising awareness of depression and suicide prevention, culminating in a national meet up in the Red Centre of our vast country!

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Breaking Down Barriers - Outreach to Inmates

Breaking Down Barriers - Outreach to Inmates

To assist in building the community networks and post-prison wellbeing of inmates, Port Lincoln Prison has regularly organised information and wellbeing expos. This year, Black Dog Ride was a part of the expo.

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Bikes & Yarns

Jane Mouritz has worked with Indigenous Wheatbelt communities to promote suicide prevention amidst a tragically high loss of life to suicide. Learning from local Elders that they'd like some bikers to come to town to bring men together for solid yarning about suicide prevention, Jane knew who contact to get the wheels rolling on this grassroots project, Black Dog Ride.

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Black Dog Ride moves into National HQ

Black Dog Ride moves into National HQ

Since 2009, dozens of Black Dog Rides and innumerable local projects which raised $1,700,000 for mental health services, have all been organised from home offices. The day had come when Black Dog Ride outgrew these arrangements. Thanks to Busselton Toyota, last week Black Dog Ride moved into a new National HQ!

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A Grateful Dad says "Thanks Black Dog Ride"

Recently a Black Dog Rider contacted Founder Steve Andrews about the positive impact Black Dog Ride has had on his own family. This man, a grateful Dad, explained how his involvement in Black Dog Ride enabled him to seek help for his own son who was in the midst of a mental health crisis. We appreciate his courage for allowing us to share his words widely in order to give hope and encouragement to those navigating the same pathway through mental ill health.

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Remember, depression is an illness, not a weakness and effective treatments are available. It's important to seek help early and with the right treatment most people recover. If you are concerned that you or someone you know may be suffering from depression talk to a doctor or another health professional today. If we talk about depression and work together we can make a difference.

Steve Andrews

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