Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer 2018



This webpage has been built for the purposes of providing Black Dog Ride's 1 Dayer Coordinators with the paperwork they require to successfully organise, host and wrap up the iconic 1 Dayer held on the third Sunday of March each year.

Where possible, documents have been uploaded as PDF as many Ride Coordinators may view this page on tablets or smartphones and PDF makes for easy reading on those devices. But they've also been uploaded in editable .docx or .xlsx format (if possible) so that data can be entered directly into the form.

These documents are for Black Dog Ride's 1 Dayer Coordinators for the purposes of Black Dog Ride's 1 Dayer. No authorisation is provided for using or editing these documents outside of Black Dog Ride's 1 Dayer. That means - please do not share this webpage or documents or edit these documents. Thanks for your understanding.

There is a fair bit of printing required for the 1 Dayer. Black Dog Ride encourages you to source local businesses, local MPs (they usually say yes!) or other sponsorship to cover the costs of printing so that you are not out of pocket.


Volunteer Forms for Ride Coordinators

Black Dog Ride needs all Ride Coordinators to complete and return this form. Yes, it says application on the document, and you're already accepted a key volunteers for Black Dog Ride (so please don't worry that you need to apply again!), but Black Dog Ride has a legal and ethical obligation to keep all info about key volunteers up to date and we appreciate your time in completing and the returning the document to us.

Incentive - this form asks for your T-Shirt size, and we need that info to post you your complimentary Black Dog Ride T-Shirt!

Click HERE to download the PDF and HERE to download the .docx.

Volunteer Team Forms for Ride Team Members

Ride Coordinators need to complete the above form, but we also need the volunteers on your team to complete a brief form too. Black Dog Ride has (very expensive) volunteer insurance however only those who are registered with Black Dog Ride as volunteers can be covered. Thus, yet another form :) Your Corner Markers/Admin Team/Media Team etc etc all count as volunteers, providing they are volunteering for Black Dog Ride, as opposed to Lions Club members cooking brekky - they're covered by their own insurance. Please share the form below with them, sign off on it and send it through to us. Thanks.

Download the Volunteer Team Form in PDF HERE and Volunteer Team Form in .docx HERE

Passport Photo

Black Dog Ride also requires a passport type photo of each Coordinator against a white or plain background (smartphone photo is ok!) to issue you with Black Dog Ride ID cards. Please send this photo in ASAP.

The ID Cards are credit card sized and can be worn on a lanyard to help other identify your Black Dog Ride credentials when you're out and about in the community.

Authority to Fundraise Letter

All Ride Coordinators will be individually emailed a letter formally authorising you to fundraise on behalf of Black Dog Ride.


1 Dayer Coordinator's Booklet

This booklet is a guide to organising your region's 1 Dayer. Download the PDF HERE. It's a large file, please be patient.

1 Dayer Example Running Sheet and Checklist

This Excel file is one you can use to adapt to your own 1 Dayer's requirements and is a helpful prompt to ensure you are covering all bases. Download the Excel file HERE.


Certificate of Currency

You will need Black Dog Ride's Certificate of Currency (evidence of Black Dog Ride's insurance coverage) when booking council or business venues.

Download the 2017-2018 Certificate of Currency HERE.

On the Day Rego Forms

These will need to be printed out ready for on the day registrations. Please note there is an ADULT form and a CHILD form.

Download the Adult On the Day Rego PDF HERE and Adult On the Day Rego .docx file HERE.

Download the Child On the Day Rego PDF HERE and Child On the Day Rego .docx file HERE.

On the Day Disclaimer Forms

Please print a few of these out (A5 is ok) to have handy on the registration table for riders to read should they wish to..

Download the Disclaimer in PDF HERE and in .docx HERE

1 Dayer Patch Request Form

You may end up having more riders than patches. We try to avoid this by encouraging online registrations to gauge numbers but it's always a guesstimate. In the event that you do run out of patches (and the decals) please print out a few copies of the form below for the ride check-in table, and they can be scanned/photographed/posted back to Black Dog Ride. Black Dog Ride will then post out patches to each rider.

Download the Patch Request Form in PDF HERE and .docx HERE

1 Dayer Safety Briefing

This safety briefing must be read out prior to the ride departure, and we encourage you to add in your own localised items.

Download the 1 Dayer Safety Briefing in PDF HERE and .docx HERE

Responding to Accidents and Incidents

This booklet will help guide you in case of accidents or incidents on the ride. Please download the booklet and share it with your Team, and print out multiple copies of the last pages for your Team on the day.

Download Responding to Accidents and Incidents Booklet PDF HERE.


There will be Key Messaging and Media Releases uploaded here soon. Stay tuned!

Top Tips

Black Dog Ride's 10 Top Tips For Talking to the Media or Community is a great guide for everyone on your team who will be talking to riders, community members or the media. Please download and share with your volunteers.

Download Black Dog Ride's 10 Top Tips For Talking to the Media or Community HERE.


1 Dayer Summary Sheet

The 1 Dayer Summary Sheet attached here is in draft form and may be amended in the lead up to the ride, but it is included here as an example of what information Black Dog Ride will need from 1 Dayer Coordinators after the ride.

Download the 1 Dayer Summary Sheet in PDF HERE and the Excel sheet HERE.

Certificate of Appreciation

Stay tuned, there will soon be a PDF of the Certificate of Appreciation uploaded here which you can print and distribute to supporter after the 1 Dayer.


Are you or any of your riders organising awareness or fundraising activities in the lead up to the 1 Dayer? Awesome!

Please download the Community Activity Kit HERE and complete page 11, returning it to Black Dog Ride.

Upon completion of the activity, please complete page 12 and return it to Black Dog Ride.

It's really important that as a registered charity, Black Dog Ride complies with all regulatory requirements of data collection and we appreciate you helping us do this by completing the Community Activity Kit.